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Is your HVAC system not working efficiently? And you feel the indoor air stuffy? Want to call us for an air duct cleaning Dallas TX job? We can send a tech to inspect the air ducts at your home and assess their condition. Wondering if that’s important in a home you just moved in? It is if the home is old. It’s good to have the air ducts checked and cleaned from time to time. The benefits of air duct cleaning?

  •          Health improvement
  •          Efficient HVAC system
  •          Lower energy bills
  •          Long lasting HVAC systems

Air Duct Cleaning Dallas TX

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The way the job is done makes a difference. By entrusting the air duct cleaning service in Dallas, Texas, to our company, you can be sure that everything is done by the book.

Since not all air ducts are equally dirt or alike, while some are also damaged and infected by mold, our team here at Dallas AC and Heating Solutions start by sending out techs to take a look. You, too, will like to know the condition of your ducts. Won’t you? After all, if there’s a need for air duct repair, it’s good for you to know so that you can schedule the service. You see, broken and damaged ducts let air escape and thus, keep the HVAC system from working well. Same when they are filled with filth. The air flow is interrupted.

You will be happy to know that we can send a crew to provide AC duct cleaning and also, repair and replacement. To clean all sections and components of the HVAC unit – from grilles to filters, and thus, improve the efficiency of the system and lower your energy bills.

Why should you trust our team with your AC duct cleaning?

You can trust that the home air duct cleaning is performed with the appropriate tools, with great equipment, by qualified techs.

  •          The AC repair Dallas TX techs use the right equipment to remove the dirt, dust, debris from the entire ductwork.
  •          The air ducts are properly cleaned and sanitized, while full focus and attention is paid if there’s mold.
  •          All allergens, bacteria, and debris go straight to the service vans and so, your home remains intact.
  • ·        You are presented with pictures of the ducts before and after the service, so that you will see the difference.

Want to get a quote, ask questions, or simply make a Dallas air duct cleaning appointment? At your service.